Biking in the San Gabriel Mtns on

Biking in the San Gabriel Mtns on

My second post for Family Trails is up. Recapping our day riding, hiking, and fishing along the West Fork Trail near the Cogswell Dam off Hwy 39 above Asuza.

The day trip with our bikes was a change of pace from our usual adventure, but it made me realize that perhaps we don’t always need to be pushing our limits, and that a fun easy accessible adventure is less stressful for al of us.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes our family adventures can be a little bit extreme for the average family looking to get outside for the day. Ocean kayaking, searching for sea caves, driving three hours into the blazing hot desert or camping in the mountains with no bathrooms or running water – it’s not for everyone. In light of this, I spent some time thinking about a fun, easy go-to adventure that gets us out of the city quickly, involves zero planning and doesn’t risk anyone’s life. Something I could recommend to people who want to do something safe and close to home.

Read all the details about the trail and our day on!

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